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Oval barrel-sauna

A brand-new model in our catalogue! Oval sauna has two large sections and can easily accommodate a group of people. Sauna can be heated rapidly thanks to its shape
Bochky®Bochky® 08.12.2016


The saunas of the “Exclusive” model line are patented by Bochky®. They have a side entrance, a big steam-room and a comfortable room for relax.

Different shapes

Barrel sauna from Bochky® is made of extra-class spruce or cedar. The effective shape of barrel sauna, excess capacity of a furnace and a barrel technology allow to heat the steam room up to 120°c even during the coldest winter.

Saunas from Bochky

Barrel sauna from Bochky® is an innovative product for people who want to get a sauna in a short time. Barrel sauna is mounted during one day without foundation, without construction and immediately ready for use.