Okta Barrel Sauna “lux” (4m.) with overhang

Okta Barrel Sauna Lux (4m.) with overhang



4000 EUR

4600 EUR

Kit for self-assembly*

3720 EUR

4320 EUR

* Recommended for long distance deliveries

Okta Barrel Sauna lux (4m.) with overhang


  • Number of sections: 2
  • Steam room: 200 cm
  • Dressing room: 120 cm
  • Overall length: 403 cm
  • Height: 216 cm
  • Width: 224 cm
  • Weight: 1383 kg
  • Designed for: 2-4 people

Barrel sauna consists of

Components of barrel sauna Ready-made Kit for self-assembly
Assembled sauna made of the selected dried wood (spruce or cedar) -
Kit for self-assembly made of the selected dried wood (spruce or cedar) with fastenings. -
Overhang 50 cm.
Water boiler 50 litres
Wood furnace Grill’D Aurora 160 short black
Foundation for the sauna (three wooden legs)
Corner shelves in the steam room
Two shelves in the dressing room
Assembled flue
Fireproof multilayer sandwich base under the oven made of stainless steel and minerit
Stones for the furnace gabbro-diabase 40 kilos
Protection from the overheating made of minerit
Three hoops made of non- corrosive steel with locks
Ventilation grating
Duckboard on floor in the steam room and dressing room
Glass door to the steam room  ✔
Entrance door combined of linden with glass pack  ✔
Set of electricity and illumination  ✔
Roof of flexible tiling. Brown color
Antiseptic treatment outside -
Assembly instructions barrel sauna -
Delivery - -

Shipping dimensions

Oversized packages

  • Type: Five boards fastened together
  • Number of packages: 20
  • One packages length: 4.0m
  • One packages width: 0.22cm
  • One packages height: 0.1cm
  • Total volume: 1.76m3
  • Total weight: 720kg


  • Type: Pallet
  • Number of packages: 1
  • One packages length: 2.2m
  • One packages width: 1.40cm
  • One packages height: 1.03cm
  • Total volume: 3.17m3
  • Total weight: 663kg

Overall volume: 4.9m3. Overall weight: 1383kg.

Addtional options

Headrest made of linden or aspen

8 €

Steps in front of the entrance (1 step) height 16 cm

15 €

Steps in front of the entrance (2 steps) height 32 cm

31 €

Additional foundation to assemble the sauna from two balks

46 €

Mortise lock

45 €

Cramp- lug to set the lock on the front door

8 €

Furnace replacement to Harvia Trendi KIP90T Steel

200 €

Furnace replace to Harvia M2

42 €

Furnace replacement to Grill'D Cometa Vega. Russian bath

154 €

Furnace replacement to Harvia 20 PRO (18 KWt)

460 €

Furnace replacement to Harvia 20 SL (18 KWt) with remote furnace

614 €

Furnace replacement to Feringer "Malutka"

277 €

Linden door replacement to a glass one


Window in the steam room

46 €

Hanging corner shelf

8 €

Table in the dressing- room

15 €

Box for things under the shelf

31 €

Internal protection baths Tikkurila Supi Saunasuoja

138 €

Toning regiments and ladders Tikkurila Supi Saunavaha

138 €

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Addtional options

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