Exploitation rules

The first furnace warming

After sauna assemblage it must be warmed with doors and windows open for ventilation of the treatment mixtures which were used to treat furnace and sauna inner surface. The temperature inside the sauna must be not less than 60 degrees Celsius. Warming time is not less than 4 hours.

The main rules

  • For furnace warming use only dry logs of non- coniferous kinds of wood.
  • The furnace door must always be closed to exclude the flames blowing- up
  • It is not allowed to let the flue pipe heat until it becomes red and have the temperature in the sauna more than 100 degrees Celsius
  • It is necessary to follow the precaution measures connected to heated furnace surface, flue and boiler when you are in the sauna
  • Don’t let water ingress the furnace glass, glazing of the front door, windows and plafonds when you use the sauna because of the threat of window destruction caused by the temperature difference
  • Don’t leave children alone and don’t let them warm the sauna
  • Keep the sauna clean and ventilate it after every warming for not less than 4- 5 hours or after long break without exploitation (more than 2 weeks)
  • clean and check the flue on burnout not less than once in 3 months
  • Wood care. Not less than twice a year treat all the inner surface of the sauna with special mixtures.
  • Outer treatment must be done when it is necessary but not less than once in two years, use protective antiseptic with wax (it is done with natural temperature but not less +5 degrees Celsius)
  • Hoops’ regulation. Hoop doesn’t have the main bearing function in our technology and it is mainly used for transportation and assemblage. That is why after the sauna assemblage you must regulate the hoop tightening in such way that it lets the hoop move freely (sag freely) and the distance between the hoop and sauna surface at the bottom point must be not less than 3cm. It is necessary to compensate the wood natural. on the sauna (door warp, the exception of wood profile damage) during rainy or wet periods when the wood takes he humidity. Tighten the hoop only in case of transportation or moving.
  • Water tank exploitation. For the tank of Finish producer HARVIA it is essential to make sure that the tank is full at least on 2/3 before warming. Furnace exploitation with an empty tank HARVIA can lead tithe outage. When you finish warming pour the water off.
  • Wood furnace exploitation. The furnace is exploited according to the producer’s manual and is supplied with a air supplying regulation device to regulate the burning process. Tractive force can be regulated by means of open ashpit which is situated under the door. Excessive tractive force will lead to the furnace heating to the red color, that can shorten the working time. But it is necessary to supply tractive force that will be enough for necessary stones heating. Position for burning- ashpit must be pulled out on 1/4 of the length. After the logs start burning you must close the ashpit and regulate the burning process with ashpit excluding flue and furnace heating to the red color.
  • Flue exploitation. If a furnace flue is supplied with gate then the hole in the flue must be opened (handle of the gate is in vertical position) in the moment of lightening gate must be closed (not completely)during the warming period to reduce logs’ consuming and increase burning efficiency. Gate must close the pipe after warming.

Rules for winter exploitation of the sauna

  • Warm the adjoining rooms with opened inner door for equal heating.
  • After the procedures dry the sauna by means of warming during several hours with opened inner doors to remove the moisture
  • If there are reasons why it is impossible to do it it must be done on the next day

It is forbidden to:

  • Overlap the air access through ventilation holes in the sauna walls
  • Warm the sauna with deflagrable liquids (gasoline, kerosene)
  • Be drunk in the sauna
  • Leave the burning sauna unseen or let the children supervise it
  • Heat the flue pipes to red color
  • Pour out coal or ash near the buildings
  • Use prohibited kinds of fuel
  • Use the logs which are longer the furnace length (40 cm)
  • Warm the furnace with open door
  • Leave water in the tank after using
  • Dry logs, clothes and other combustible things in the furnace or near it
  • Store more logs in the room than it is needed for one time
  • Change the sauna construction or its equipment
  • Warm the sauna without stones
  • Warm the sauna if there is less than 2/3 of water in the tank

Light steam and good health!

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