European quality from the famous brand Bochky®

We launched the original wooden product called Bochky® on the Russian market 6years ago. We launched the original wooden product called Bochky® on the Russian market at 2009.

We made a long way and became the leaders in this area. And nowadays Bochky® is associated with high European quality and reliability. Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2015.  We are proud of our quality and deliver our product all over the world. Our own production is situated in Mytischi district in Moscow region.

Your own sauna in one day both in summer and in winter

We do not economize on the quality and place the emphasis on safety and naturalness of the materials and components. Our barrel saunas are made of the selected fur-tree wood that is approved by the experience in technology. We want our product serve you form any years.

No builders or garbage on your site. No foundation. No long time of waiting.

Do you think that sauna is something massive? Something that occupies a lot of space on your small piece of land? Is it a constant control over the builders and long waiting? And do you think that if you want to steam you have to wait for several hours to stoke it?

No. No. One more time NO.

Barrel saunas is a habitual variant of a family sauna in Finland and Scandinavian countries. In Russia barrel sauna is something new, but it becomes more and more popular. Compact and mobile with original and remarkable design it heats in few minutes. Forget about months of building process. You will need only a couple of hours of discussion with your family and making a decision to buy such a beauty. During this time, you will view different variants of setting-up of your own barrel sauna. Discuss the original design and packaging within your family. Read all the information you are interested in on the website. You won’t have to call anywhere. Just leave your application on the website and we will call you.

Sauna is where you want it to be

We will place the sauna anywhere you want it to be. On the land, on the terrace, in the house. It is enough to clarify with the construction and the kind of furnace: wood burning stove or electric furnace. Then if you wish, you will be able to move the sauna or even transport it on the trailer. You don’t need any agreements to place it or any permissions to build it. It is especially of current importance for those who have problems with neighbours next door.

Quick result for a long- lasted pleasure

You don’t have to wait long to take a steam bath. Barrel sauna is warmed up to 85 degrees C in 30 minutes. Thanks to a round shape of the sauna, you don’t spend much time to heat the corners that take up to 25% of the inner volume of a traditional sauna. And what energy has this sauna! Only the smell of fur- tree wood is worth that.

For the family and for yourself

Take a steam bath with your family, with friends or alone. Popular models of sauna can contain from 2 to 6 people. Choose any construction you want or make up your own one. We will make your dream come true.

Light steam both in summer and in winter

The sauna is not afraid of draught or frost. It is made according to the Finish technology and has a reliable powerful Finish furnace Harvia. Wood or electric furnace provides equal heating and fine circulation of the air in any season.

Save your time and money

Are you thinking of your own sauna only now? Don’t waste your valuable time.

Make an order now and take a steam bath with pleasure immediately after 1 hour of delivery of our original product.

Minimum of movement, maximum decisions!

Bochky® 26.03.2015